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Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Hampton Court Flower show

Conway Landscapes are proud to have been involved with the 2015 Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The team were part of a group of volunteers building the beautiful ....


Harlow project


The Conway Landscapes website now has a full gallery showcasing miscellaneous projects over the years. Each before and after shot we feel outlines the level of expertise and professionalism we brin....


Front and back garden project complete

standard clipped portuguese laurel with box(buxus sempervirens) hedge

This picture shows standard clipped portugese laurel, with a box (buxus sempervirens) hedge, planting inside each hedge is artemsia, pionies, grasses and aliums.....


Handmade brick path


Hand made brick steps lead up to a brick path winding its way up the garden past the newly planted beds, to a natural stone terrace with a free standing veranda.....


Ipe deck and natural stone paving


This garden had quite a large decking area but the customer was not keen on it as it was hard to get to, and looked worn out.