The Embroidered Minds Garden | Conway Landscapes
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The Embroidered Minds Garden Silver Gilt RHS Chelsea 2018

Silver Gilt medal winner

Designed by
Kati Crome

Built by
Conway Landscapes

Sponsored by
Embroidered Minds

Embroidered Minds is a collaboration between writers, artists, doctors and historians to explore the effects of epilepsy, a neurological disorder that affected the eldest daughter of Victorian craftsman William Morris, and to raise awareness of how it remains a challenge today.

The garden represents different states of a seizure. The pre-seizure area is calm and sedate with mainly green and white planting, including Acanthus mollis, used so often in Morris designs, and Valeriana officinalis, which was one of the first epilepsy drugs. An oak bench, tiled path and foreground garden are interrupted by dramatic, harsh, brown planting, representing a seizure. The planting beyond is more vivid with bright yellows and oranges, blue aquilegia and white peonies, associated with the possible heightening of the senses post seizure.