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Covid 19 – Our Health and Safety Policy

Keeping You and Us Safe While We Undertake Your Landscaping

Conway Landscapes health and safety policy aims to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Here’s how.

The whole team at Conway Landscapes have been watching the latest developments on the spread of the Coronavirus virus. We’re keen to ensure that all of our clients, employees and their respective families are safe.

We landscapers are generally a healthy bunch. Long days working out of doors limits any possible contact with the virus, but nevertheless, we’re not taking any chances. Which is why we’ve tweaked out health and safety policy. If necessary, we will update this as new advice from the government emerges.

To ensure this going forward we have implemented the following procedures for our mutual safety

Our Personnel Will:

  • Be vigilant, and are under strict instruction to advise management and cease work and ‘home isolate’ immediately if they experience any symptoms of Covid19 virus (a persistent cough and or high temperature are indicative).
  • ‘Home isolate’ immediately if any other person in their home has symptoms of Covid19 virus

When at Your Property Our Personnel Will:

  • Be practicing distancing and will maintain the recommended distance from our clients.
  • Be respectful and polite but refrain from any handshakes or any other forms of physical contact with yourselves.
  • With thanks, decline any offer of refreshments from you.
  • Not enter your house unless it is an emergency.
  • Will maintain our high standards of hygiene with sanitizer supplied to them.
  • Any meetings/discussions with yourself will be undertaken outside your house and with good distance between communicators (recommended 2m distance).
  • As usual, we will request payments by BACs only

We would ask you to :

  • Refrain from offering any refreshments to the team. As much as we appreciate the offer, we will not be accepting any during this time and will supply our own.
  • Maintain a safe personal distance (as mentioned above)
  • If you are/become unwell or self-isolating please contact the office and inform us immediately so we may review our plans/attendance/activities accordingly.
  • If you are over 70 years of age or considered at ‘high risk’ due to medical conditions, please contact our office and inform us immediately so we can review our plans/attendance/activities accordingly.
  • But also if you find you need to self isolate, whilst we are on-site, we will do our best to help in any way we can – collecting supplies, etc

Business as usual:

Conway Landscapes is a small business employing some very experienced and well-trained landscapers. If we are not working, there is no money coming into the business. No money coming in means that we can’t pay wages.

We plan to carry on working unless either Government Health Officials tell us differently or we feel the need to isolate ourselves.

Thank you in anticipation of your understanding and co-operation. With our mutual adherence to these procedures, we aim to ensure our activities pose no risk to the health of either yourself or our personnel.

Please contact us on 01279 508887 if you wish to discuss any concerns and we will be happy to help.

All of these measures are to protect everyone.